Bandito F.A.G. Bag

The Bandito F. A.G. Bag, Fish And Gear Bag is here! Now you have a place to put your catch or gear while freediving. The F.A.G. Bag has a comfortable 1.5 inch wide strap that goes around your waist and attaches with and adjustable clip. It comes with either a solid or vented front with an elastic band for easy opening and closing making it super easy to open and insert your fish, lobster, or gear without letting anything escape. The elastic band around the top is strong enough to keep your flopping fish and lobster in without a problem. The F.A.G. Bag is compact but easily holds your limit of legal sized Florida Hogfish or Lobster. No more going back to the boat to drop off that unexpected catch, simply put it in your Bandito F.A.G. Bag (Fish and Gear Bag) and continue hunting.

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