2154 Slurp Gun, Magnum. Also called a Yabbie Pump. Slurp Guns are used for catching tropical fish and invertebrates in hard to get to areas in aquariums and in the ocean or fresh water while diving and snorkeling. For most fish it is best to have the plunger drawn back. After you place the opening close to the fish, slowly push the plunger in, causing a current that most fish will swim into. Then pull the plunger back to trap the fish.  Made of clear material that is about invisible to the fish when underwater. 30” long x 3” diameter body x 1 ½” opening. Can also be used to catch bait that swims in the sand at the surf zone on the beach. Works great with the Bandito 2134 Tropical Fish Holding Bag. Made in The Florida Keys, USA