3364 Bandito Shock Cord Bungee, 8” x 3/8” Dyneema, No Swivel. Used on Bandito Reef Series spearguns and works with just about every speargun brand out there. Used between the speargun and the shock cord line. 600# test Dyneema cord with a black rubber bungee for shock absorption that helps keep the shaft from ripping out of the fish and to help prevent shock cord breakage when a shot is missed. The Bandito Bungee keeps tension on the shock cord in order to keep the shock cord from falling off the speargun line release in it’s loaded state. It also aids in rigging the speargun by not having to have the exact length shock cord when not using a bungee. Add any type of swivel clip to the Bandito Shock Cord Bungee you like with a simple Larks Head knot. This Bandito shock cord bungee offers 9 inches of stretch. It comes with a loop on one end for tying the Larks Head knot on to the swivel and a nonlooped end to tie on to spearguns that have either a hole to thread the cord through or an eye to tie on to. We recommend a Bowline knot. Custom designs are available upon request. The Bandito Shock Cord Bungee can be purchased HERE. Made in The Florida Keys, USA.