Bandito Stand Up Paddleboarding Products are made in The Florida Keys, USA.

SUP Lanyard. The SUP Lanyard makes launching and landing your SUP from a dock easy as pie. To launch, simply put the nose of the board in the water and lower the rear end of the board down using the lanyard. You can also tie the lanyard to the dock to keep your board from floating away while you get ready to go. For landing the SUP, simply use the handle end of your paddle to pick the lanyard out of the water, set down your paddle, then use the lanyard to pull up the rear end of the board.

The SUP Lanyard attaches to your board using one of the board’s grommets with a simple larks head knot. Pass the loop end of the lanyard through the grommet, pass the other end of the lanyard through the loop. This knot makes the lanyard very easy to remove.

Other uses include, towing a board behind you, messing with your friends by tying the lanyard  to the dock before they take off, and having your buddy tow you with out them knowing.

The SUP Lanyard can be coiled up and laid on the board or just drag in in the water behind you.

The SUP Lanyard can be customized to your specifications.