One of the most popular Bandito spearguns.

3211 Bandito Bonito Speargun

3211 Bandito Bonito Speargun. The Bonito is from the Bandito Standard Series spearguns. Perfect spearguns for beginner to expert spearfishermen. The Standard Series spearguns all include 6mm threaded, single flopper barb, screw on tips, stainless steel shafts, slide rings, nylon shock cords, closed muzzles, two 9/16” diameter bands, black anodized barrels with polymer Accutracks for quiet, accurate, precise shots. The handles feature a comfort grip and over sized gun butt. The trigger mechanisms and hardware are all manufactured from top grade stainless steel. The Bonito’s overall length of 36” makes it a perfect speargun to keep with you all the time for those moments where you wish you had a gun on you underwater. Perfect for shooting fish that are rocked up, fish in reef or kelp areas. It is one of our most popular spearguns in the Bandito line up. The Bonito uses two 14” bands with stainless steel wishbones and a 26” x 5/16” shaft. It is also a great speargun for killing the invasive Lionfish on the East Coast of the USA. The screw on tip makes it real easy to take the Lionfish off the shaft with out getting poked by the Lionfish. Made in The Florida Keys, USA