3118 Travel Pole Spear 6’ x 5/8”. Try the Bandito three piece, breakdown, travel pole spear for easy storage in your suitcase when traveling. Standard 6mm threaded stainless steel end accepts all standard 6mm tapped spear tips. Tip not included. Solid, 5/8” diameter, yellow, fiberglass shaft with fixed anodized Aluminum butt and tip fittings. Includes a 26” x 1/2” polespear band for a powerful punch. Can be used with out the center section for a shorter polespear or purchase another center section for a much longer polespear when assembled. Perfect for killing Lionfish. The best fiberglass polespears on the market, made from the highest quality fiberglass and surgical tubing available. Made in The Florida Keys, USA.

Stowable Polespear

3118 Pole Spear, Travel 6 Foot x .625 Diameter