3274 Panther Series Speargun Butt.

This over sized black rubber Speargun Butt is made for the Bandito Panther series spearguns and other Bandito Aluminum tube guns with the Aluminum sleeve on the butt end of the speargun. The hole diameter is 1.125″. We recommend heating up the butt before installation by setting it in hot water for about 5 or 10 minutes so that it goes on easier and forms better to the contour of the Panther I and II speargun butt ends. The one piece rubber speargun butt has an oversize pad on it for comfort when loading your speargun. The Bandito Panther speargun series of spearguns used to be called Scuba Pro years ago. We have finally found the mold for the triangular speargun butt that used to be on the Panther when it was Scubapro. It will be some time before we can get the mold modified to run but we will certainly be making the triangular gun butt in the future. Use 3275 Standard Series Speargun Butt for the Bandito Standard and Reef series spearguns.

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Florida Keys Kiteboarding

Bandito Speargun Butt

3274 Panther Series Speargun Butt Front View

Bandito Speargun Butt

3274 Panther Series Speargun Butt Rear View